When discussing obesity, it is common to focus on the well-known diseases often brought on by excess weight such as diabetes, hypertension/cardiovascular disease, sleep apnea or high cholesterol. Another side effect of obesity is sexual dysfunction for both men and women, which can originate from emotional distress and hormonal disturbances.

Many men suffering from obesity also suffer from erectile dysfunction (E.D.). There are many risk factors for erectile dysfunction including: Age, cardiovascular disease, High blood pressure, low testosterone, smoking, and diabetes, along with a poor diet and sedentary lifestyle, and a majority of the above risk factors are directly connected with obesity.

Poor Sexual performance is a great source of anxiety and concern for all men. Poorly perceived performance leads to worsening performance and depression for even the most confident of men! Obesity can bring on these diseases and also magnify these psychological concerns.

Men who lose weight have improved erectile function and improved sexual experiences along with improved overall health. Becoming more active and implementing exercise daily will reduce your risk and can prevent E.D. Research tells us that losing only 10 percent of body weight throughout a two month period will improve erectile function.